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I was a member of the French Curves on my previous blog, and I decided to still be part of the adventure here. For those who don’t know, French Curves is the challenge – bring by Gaëlle Prudencio – allowing several bloggers from different universe to share curvy looks the 16th of each months, on the same theme. Follow us and share your looks with the hashtag #FrenchCurves on Tweeter, Instagram and on the Facebook page of the challenge !
Have a look on the other bloggers with the bloghop at the end of this post 🙂

What can I say ? “ça fait longtemps” ! I took advantage of this summer to trudge for a bit everywhere, and to think, always and again, about my futur. I’ve started a serious reassessment since the opening of the new blog, regarding my carrier, without really giving you any details. Indeed, I’m leaving the company I’ve been working for for 7 years, to confront the unknown. I’ve known about it way before the launch of the new bog, but I wasn’t confortable enough to publicly announce it. I putted too much pressure on myself, as I didn’t have any clear answer when people was asking stuff like “Where you goin’? What you doyin’?”. Yes, for now, my futur is uncertain : I don’t know yet what I’m going to do. So my answer is now “I’m considering my options.” ! Which is not a lie ! My head is full of ideas, so I’m working on several projects at the same time. For that matter one of them is the reason why I’ve been away. I need to do a huge preparation work, which (kind of) made me go back to school, as I’m taking Math and English classes at the moment !! I don’t know if it’s going to work. I’m not 100% confident about it, but I want to try and take any chances. I’m happy to be back here with the French Curvette team ! I had to pass last month because of a lake of time, but also because I wasn’t ready to spill the tea about my situation.

What is the Trench Coat ? Based on the etymology, it’s a coat for people who was staying on the trench during the war. It was created buy Thomas Burberry in 1914 (Thanks Wikipediaaaa!!). So yeah that’s not super glamour to imagine the soldiers in action during the war… But the thing is that after the war, it became a piece of clothes just like any other, as it’s was waterproof and warm ! The trench coat became a timeless piece as it was practical and endlessly reproducible !

Now I can tell you the truth : I’m not a trench coat person. But when I tried Rachel’s one, my awesome friend-photographer-singer-blogger-she does too much stuff-eft, I loved it ! I think it suits me so well, that maybe she should have gave it to me (ok I’m kidding Rachel…or not). This international bomb is from ELVI, that I’m going to keep a close watch on from now, as I tried a piece from them in real life !

And because it’s only sexy on movies to be naked under a coat, I’m wearing this out from space trench coat : a small tight top from Primark and a dotted swiss tutu skirt from Castaluna ! My booties ar from Torrid, which is an excellent provider to wide feet shoes (in addition to all the wonderful stuff you can already find). My jewelries (earrings and bracelet) are from the French brand Zabok that I think you should start to follow too.


So, how is everything for you ? Do you also have a trench coat from out of space or are going to borrow one from your friend for this fall ?


*Trench Coat – ELVI
*Top – Primark
*Dotted Swiss Tutu skirt – Castaluna (
*Studded Booties (pied large) – Torrid (
*Earrings – Zabok
*Bracelet – Zabok
*Photo – Rachel Saddedine
*Hairstyle – AYAWA Hairstyle




French Curves

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