FFFWeek “Meet the Brands” Curvy Expo 2017


The Curvy Expo is an occasion to meet designers and resellers and brands that contribute to the comfort of plus size people. It’s an occasion to talk, buy and get freebies !


The premier sponsor of FFFWeek is Fit for Me by Fruit of the Loom. Fruit of the Loom is a brand which mainly products t-shirts and underwear. Panties and cami tops has been gifted, including some candies !

with Essie Golden

It was also an occasion to have a close look on their new casual and active collection, and to have a selfie with Essie Golden !

The team of the brand Avenue that I met last year was there to present our new collection named Loralette. It’s a bohemian-like collection that is already available online. I love the pink lace crop top and I’m already planning on getting it !



Shun Melson


Chic and Curvy Boutique
Chafe Zone / Plus Zone



Products from Chafe Zone / Plus Zone has been offered, particularly an anti-chafing cream that I can’t wait to try !


Bottomless Closet NYC



The Bottomless Closet is an organisation that helps women with difficulties who need to get secure job in New York. They accept plus size clothes donation and do an amazing job.


with Marlena from Big city Curvy girl Thin wallet




I’m wearing an ELOQUII dress that I already talk about in my post “A denim dress like no other”.

A denim dress like no other

It’s not easy to find a stylish denim dress when you’re curvy. What happen sometimes is that the sizing is not adapted (plus size clothes, but very tight and uncomfortable), that the material is too cheap (clothes being ruined after the very first wash) or that the colours is fading (clothes being altered after the very first wash).

We always think twice before we buy denim clothes. But it wasn’t my case for this dress ! A real love at first sight for the original cut and this intense blue.

I wear it for the first time in New York during the Full Figured Fashion Week and I only received compliments about it.

The clutch is from Primark ! I borrowed it from Rachel to change a lil’ bit 🙂 I’m wearing a pair of shades from Ray-Bay which are quite vintage. I think the name of this range is “Wings”.

Tell me from where are your favorite denim pieces !!!
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* Dress : ELOQUII (goo.gl/WoUFW1)
* Sandales : Forever21 (old)
* Pouch bag : Primark
* Shades : Ray Ban (old)
* Photo by : Rachel Saddedine (Instagram)

* Make up : Myself

White Party

I’m currently in New York to attend to the Full Figured Fashion Week. This event is similar to the Oscars of the plus size industry. It has been created 9 years ago and keeps on growing regarding activities organised during the week. One of the key events is the “Curves at Sea All White Boat Cruise”. It’s dance night on a boat where all the attendees have to wear white. The sponsoring brands take advantage of the night to showcase an insight of their current collection. It’s really one of the night you don’t want to miss if you’re there and I’ll explain why in this post.

Avec Angelica (affordablecurve) sur le bateau

When your shape doesn’t fit beauty standards, we tend to deprive ourselves from trying some trends like crop tops, short skirts, see-through pieces… This night is a safe space where you can express yourself freely. Whatever your curves, your complex and your outfit, NOBODY will judge you !


FFFWeek Curves at Sea All White Boat Cruise recap video by Brian Tru.

Sometimes we blame communities for not supporting each other. I think that attending to this party is a way to make a contribution. You will meet models, photographers, bloggers, influencers and professional activist for this community. It’s a perfect way to meet people and especially to have fun together.

For this occasion I decided to wear a white dress from ELOQUII. I’m a fan of this brand, I think it dresses curves to perfection. When I buy a piece from them, I feel like it’s made to measure to fit me! The fabrics they use are excellent quality and they often carry special offer!

The white colour is very infamous towards larger women. It has been accused of highlighting all the flaws for years. Personally, I’ve always loved white: I think that colour makes any pieces elegant. I wear it a little due to a lack of occasion.

I sincerely think that white suites everybody. It’s bright and it’s often what’s catching the eye of others. Unlike common preconception, it doesn’t necessarily emphasis every defects that we’d like to hide…
What is your relationship with white ? I am curious ! Do you wear this colour easily ?

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* Dress : ELOQUII (goo.gl/xhfHKF)
* Sandales : Castaluna (tidd.ly/49cf3e70)
* Pouch bag : Mango (goo.gl/nVqFz0)
* Photo by : Rachel Saddedine (Instagram)
* Make up : Myself

French Curves – Bathing suit

I was a member of the French Curves on my previous blog Hair-related.com, and I decided to still be part of the adventure here. For those who don’t know, French Curves is the challenge – bring by Gaëlle Prudencio – allowing several bloggers from different universe to share curvy looks the 16th of each months, on the same theme. Follow us and share your looks with the hashtag #FrenchCurves on Tweeter, Instagram and on the Facebook page of the challenge !
Have a look on the other bloggers with the bloghop at the end of this post 🙂

This is my first bathing suit post on the blog but it’s not my first attempt. I’m a kimono fan and I’ve always find them really attractive on lingerie pictures. For lack of lingerie, I decided it was a good idea to wear one with bathing suits.
I had a case of love at first sight for this pink kimono from Forever21 because it weirdly reminded me those wore by the models of the Victoria’s Secret catwalk !
The bathing suit too is from Forever21. It’s a black and neon pink one piece bathing suit. I love sophisticated swimsuit like those I already wore, but I wanted something more simple but still stylish for this look.
My hair is a bit all over the place, I did a twist-out that I kept an entire day for it to be dry enough and with a great shape, but the right side suffered a lil’ bit because of humidity! I decided to keep it no matter the result, because I think that black women are subjected to too much pression because of what their hair look look. The unkempt or “out of bed” style have never been applied to black women as being à la mode for them. I decided to stress less regarding the appearance of my hair and to try new things, without actually feeling the need to empty a jar of hair gel on my baby hair!
*Kimono Los Angeles Palmier Forever21 (tidd.ly/d32194d8)
*Bathing Suit SURF Forever21 (tidd.ly/4fe9ef85)

French Curves