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I was a member of the French Curves on my previous blog, and I decided to still be part of the adventure here. For those who don’t know, French Curves is the challenge – bring by Gaëlle Prudencio – allowing several bloggers from different universe to share curvy looks the 16th of each months, on the same theme. Follow us and share your looks with the hashtag #FrenchCurves on Tweeter, Instagram and on the Facebook page of the challenge !
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This is my first bathing suit post on the blog but it’s not my first attempt. I’m a kimono fan and I’ve always find them really attractive on lingerie pictures. For lack of lingerie, I decided it was a good idea to wear one with bathing suits.
I had a case of love at first sight for this pink kimono from Forever21 because it weirdly reminded me those wore by the models of the Victoria’s Secret catwalk !
The bathing suit too is from Forever21. It’s a black and neon pink one piece bathing suit. I love sophisticated swimsuit like those I already wore, but I wanted something more simple but still stylish for this look.
My hair is a bit all over the place, I did a twist-out that I kept an entire day for it to be dry enough and with a great shape, but the right side suffered a lil’ bit because of humidity! I decided to keep it no matter the result, because I think that black women are subjected to too much pression because of what their hair look look. The unkempt or “out of bed” style have never been applied to black women as being à la mode for them. I decided to stress less regarding the appearance of my hair and to try new things, without actually feeling the need to empty a jar of hair gel on my baby hair!
*Kimono Los Angeles Palmier Forever21 (
*Bathing Suit SURF Forever21 (

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