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I’m 30 and…

Fashion Lifestyle 2 January 2018 3 Comments

I’m 30 and I’m not the owner of the apartment where I live. I’m 30 and I’m not married yet. I’m 30 ans I don’t have kids. I’m 30 and I don’t have stable job anymore. I can go on and on about this list ! When I got 20, I had plans. Most of them were about fulfilling that…

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Fashion Lifestyle 27 November 2017 0 Comments

I was not part of the French Curves challenge back in September this year, as I was busy enjoying New York and Dallas. But as the subject was important to me, I still wanted to post a lil’ something about it.     GIRLBOSS… This word is bringing so much inspirations to me, that I don’t really know where to…

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A bi-material dress for any occasion

Fashion 5 July 2017 0 Comments

I love those dresses that we can wear in any circumstances. And among those one, bi-material dresses are an excellent choice ! They are often mistaken for two pieces outfit when a part of it is plain and when both parts are separated by a belt or another accessory. This dress being kind of dark, I decided to count on golden accessories…

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