But how did I ended in New York ?

Everything started with my unconventional career path: I choose, yes, me, a girl, to work in IT. (10 years in the IT Storage world). Yes, I think we can say that I’m a Geek. Even a Nerd. I did get strokes of luck, one after the other and I went to Boston for two months for a training thanks to my first job. Ok, I did work hard for all my certifications, and also to get my driving license, because a woman doing this job without even being capable of driving a car was making people gossip a lot about me.

So, I had to work hard, and my efforts have been visible. In a few years and some tiny job’s evolution here and there, I was part of the week end team. Unfortunately, too many reorganizations sabotaged the balance of the company, and I ended up being automatically designated to leave the team to back working regular hours. I wasn’t having it.

My husband and I were already talking about moving abroad, to Toronto precisely. The announcement of my demotion was followed by the announcement of a redundancy plan for the company.I sought the help of a counselor who coached me to write a project (a concrete business plan, thank you Delphine), and thus be the one who would be fired with a nice severance bonus. And it worked! I was chosen one. And by the way, I thank my manager of the time who had done everything to support me. Now you’re probably wondering what I put into my project? My options were to set up a business to facilitate the access of plus size clothing of leading brands in France, get educated regarding entrepreneurship with the University of Toronto, start an MBA program or go abroad to start a fashion program.

Finally, through a combination of circumstances, the last option has been the successful one. I am currently receiving a training from a French school in order to obtain a diploma (master degree level) in the fashion world. I’m also improving my English in a language center!


*Short Sleeve Dress with Skirt Overlay (Cherry Tomato) – ELOQUII (link)

*Photo – Thiphen Kys

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