Wearing black when it’s hot

I have never understood why some people acted as if they were a member of the Fashion Police and would want to decide on what we can wear or not in terms of fashion. One of the things which occurs me is this idea that to wear black when the weather is warm should be banned.


I can be really stubborn when someone gives me orders which I found inopportune: I would tend to do the opposite.

I think that the idea to ban black at all costs is lame, although it can be explained by the fact that this color absorbs the heat, I think that it is important to make an additional distinction between the materials and the cuts of the clothes.

Here I’m wearing a long black dress from Shun Melson, we could believe that I’m dying of warmth beneath, but not at all! The material is rather light so that I feel well even if the outside temperature is high.

It is necessary to know how to express your peculiarity and make what you want without waiting for the validation of others …

*Black Romper Dress – Shun Melson (lien)
*Denim Jacket – Jean Marc Philippe Paris
*Sandales – Lane Bryant
*Earrings – Forever21
*Shades – Chic and Curvy Boutique

*Photo – Rachel Saddedine

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