5 Plus Size not that Ugly Sweater for the Holiday Season

5 Plus Size not that Ugly Sweater for the Holiday Season

Let’s be honest, the sweaters we can see all over the place in the stores during the holiday season are damned ugly. But being a fan of top with sarcastic messages, I have to admit that I love these horrors ! Not that I found them pretty, it’s mainly because they make me LMAO 🙂 So for you to have a goo laugh with me, here is a tiny selection of ugly sweater that are not that ugly (because there funny as hell!).

1 – The sweater you wear when Santa hires you to be an elf because you’re 5 foot 3

A big classic, with red and green. A crazy combination that doesn’t even suit my complexion ! I’m wearing a piece from Asda (a supermarket you can find in Great Britain). I bought it in the beginning of this month and almost died laughing in the store because of all the choices available.

*Sweater Elf George ASDA

2 – The sweater your great aunty could have made for you if you had visited her more often

And for the occasion H&M are here for you with this beautiful stitched jacquard sweater available in two colors !  It’s cute enough and perfect for those who want to pretend they bought an ugly sweater, those who will receive a lot of compliment from everybody and be like “What? You think it’s cute ? Nah it’s just my ugly sweater!!”.
Liar and hypocritical.

*H&M+ Pull en maille Jacquard (link)

3 – The sweater you wear when you think you’re a christmas tree but can’t pull out a tinsel and go out

Alors là, j’ai beaucoup de question qui se bousculent dans ma tête… Il va falloir beaucoup d’auto-dérision à la personne qui se lancera dans cette aventure. Je suis mitigée : je me demande pourquoi est-ce que ce pull existe et en même temps je suis tenté de l’acheter pour le porter lors du repas de fin d’année qui aura lieu à mon ancien boulot jeudi prochain… Je fais quoi maintenant !?

Ok now, I have a lot of questions racing through my mind… The person who will rock this sweater will need to have a lot of self-mockery. I have mixed feelings about this piece: I’m seriously wondering why does this sweater even exist ! And in the same time, I’m tempted to buy it, and to wear it for the holiday diner at my previous job next thursday…What shall I do now ?!

*Club L+ Pull de Noël scintillant chez Asos (link)

4 – The sweater you wear when you’ve been naughty and still want presents from your family

You can wear this sweater when you’ve been a pain in the ass for your entourage during those last 365 days. And when you already know that all you’ll find under the tree is an impersonal and generic beauty gift set bought from some supermarket containing a perfume, a deodorant and some shower gel from the same low quality cosmetic brand. No, I’m kidding. Or not. You’ll behave better next year.

*Dear Santa Christmas Sweatshirt George Asda (link)

5 – The sweater you wear when all you want is a Netflix subscription under the tree

If you don’t know where is this quote from, you and me can’t be friend. NEVER EVER. Yes, please google that and educate yourself, then come back to me. I’m a nice person so I’m avoid you an embarrassing research, clic on the lick to have the answer –> “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”.
You’re welcome.

*Pull Plus Ivy Filthy Animal Boohoo (lien)

Being stylish is great. Being myself and keep on laughing about myself is better. I thought that elf sweater was so ugly when I bought it, but I made it mine and I stil found myself gorgeous and hilarious with it. This post has been written by my sarcastic alter-ego who’s always ready to entertain the crowd. And I hope you’ll laugh as much as I did when I found the tinsel sweater from Asos (seriously WTF).

XoXo & Happy Holidays !

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