Antique in Santorini

I’ve always been fascinated by this period of history that was antiquity. In addition to the creation of writing in Egypt, it’s also one of the moments when fashion began to interfere in the daily lives of the people. Even today, there is still an incalculable number of garments inspired by the Greco-Roman and Egyptian “fashion” trends of the time.

To pay a tribute to a part of the history of fashion, I took advantage of my visit in Santorini to gift myself with an asymmetrical and draped locally made dress, reminiscent of the codes of that time. I don’t have a “total look” because it wasn’t planned: pure improvisation. If I could, I would have added a pair of golden spartans shoes and a high-arm bracelet. But I didn’t want to fall into the bad taste and have a disguise effect.

How about you, what is the period of history that you prefer the most in terms of fashion ?

Dress & Tiara : Fira Market, Santorini
Earrings & Bracelet : Borrowed 🙂

Location : Périssa